Australasian Humour Studies Network

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Archive of documents from our past conferences and seminars

26th AHSN Conference, ‘Laughter and Belonging’, Griffith University, Brisbane, 5-7 February 2020
25th AHSN Conference, ‘Humour in All Its Forms’, RMIT University, Melbourne, 6-8 February 2019
24th AHSN Conference, ‘Humour: How does it Travel?’, Central Queensland University, Cairns, 2-4 February 2018
23rd AHSN Conference, ’Humour: Here and There; Then and Now’, Federation University Australia, Ballarat, 1-3 February 2017
22nd AHSN Conference, ‘Unfunny: The Limits of Humour’, University of Sydney, 6-8 February 2016
21st AHSN Conference, ‘You’ve Got To be Joking!’, State Library South Australia, 4-6 February 2015
AHSN Study Day, Flinders University, 7 February 2015
AHSN Study Day Poster, Flinders University, 7 February 2015
AHSN Panel, ‘Humour and Politics’, ASAL Conference, University of New England, 11 February 2015
20th AHSN Colloquium, ‘Anything Goes?’, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, 13-15 February 2014
AHSN Humour Studies Symposium, Flinders University, 24-25 February 2014
19th AHSN Colloquium, ‘Humour and Creativity’, University of Newcastle, 7-9 February 2013
18thAHSN Colloquium, ‘Varieties of Humour and Laughter’, ANU, 3-4 February 2012
17th AHSN Colloquium, ‘Time, Place and Humour’, University of Tasmania, 19-20 February 2011
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Risk-Taking and Transgression in Humour’, University of Sydney, 13-14 February 2010
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Perils and Pleasures of Humour’, University of Sydney, 20-21 February 2009
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Boundaries and Borders of Humour’, University of Sydney, 16-17 February 2008
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Humour and Satire in an “Age of Terror”’, Flinders University, 11-12 April 2007
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Studying and Applying Humour’, Swinburne University of Technology, 18-19 April 2006
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Exploring Humour’, Bunker Cartoon Gallery, Coffs Harbour, 30-31 March 2005
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Subversive Humour and Cartooning’, UNSW, 20 March 2004
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Studying and Applying Humour across the Disciplines’, UNSW, 15 November 2003
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Studying Humour across the Disciplines’, UNSW, 15 November 2002
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Linguistic Perspectives on Humour’, UNSW, 6 April 2002
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Humour and Coping’, UNSW, 19 November 2001
AHSN Colloquium, ‘The Politics of Humour and the Humour of Politics’, UNSW, 27 November 2000
AHSN Post-graduate Colloquium, UNSW, 15 November 1999
AHSN Colloquium, ‘Humour and Constraint’, UNSW, 16 November 1998
Inaugural AHSN Seminar, UNSW, 30 September 1997